OP Ballers – Volleyball Team

Please read all the steps before starting the process. This page is a work in progress and we will be updating it as we receive more information from potential players, coaches, and donars.

Step 1: Join the BAND app group for OP Ballers so we can communicate!

👉 Join the OP Ballers BAND app group (updated)

Step 2: Indicate interest by signing registering your prospective player.

👉 Team Interest – Player Registration

Step 3: Wait for BAND app notification confirmation that the team is formed.

Step 4: Register on the YMCA Desert Foothills site for high school volleyball.

👉 YMCA Desert Foothills Volleyball Registration

Step 5: Read, agree and sign your liability waiver

👉 Seth’s Gym Liability Waiver

Step 6: Read, agree and sign your media waiver.

👉 Seth’s Gym Media Release Form