Christian Carstens Flosi Foundation

Name search complete

We got confirmation today that INCFILE has completed the name search and found that we could use CCF FOUNDATION as our official foundation name.

As you can see above we are well on our way to making our foundation official. Its still the beginning of our journey, but we are excited to be making great progress this year.

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Sunsetting our first site

The end of something, often marks the beginning of something new. Thats true in our case. We would like to take a moment to remember where we came from. We originally set out with a very narrow focus, to support foster children every Christmas, and share the word of God with those families. served us for 7 years

In order to grow and begin supporting more causes, we must expand beyond just this single event. Expanding our reach using our newly incorporated foundation will give us flexibility we need to support more events that matter to us.

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