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Pickup time is 12:00PM Noon
near the Albertsons at Desert Ridge.


We have found a second home we are going to support and have updated the description and donation goals accordingly! We hope to take 17 children this year.


This year’s Save-a-Christmas event is going to be a bit different then years past. We are partnering with different foster support group that’s going to help us ensure we reach kids who are need more support than in years past. This year’s event we will be scaling back to support 2 foster homes of approximately 1 7children that have no active foster parents. Our financial needs remain similar to years past, but we won’t be bringing quite as many volunteers given the limited children we will focus on this year.

Most of these children are foster children due to being placed by Child Protective Services for various reasons since parents may be in jail, on drugs, abusive or negligent. They range in age from 4 years old to teens. Some have been in Foster Care a short time, while others have spent most of their lives there, being moved from one foster home to another. Some have never had a Christmas tree, presents, or a special meal and have been split from their siblings. The foster parents are truly special people, sacrificing so much to help these children. Many take on more than one, in addition to their own children. They get very little financial aid, and most do it for unselfish reasons. It’s hard for them at this time of year, in addition to the fact the economy has hit them hard. Without our help many go without presents or a special meal.

These children will change your life!! This is a chance for you, your family, your business/ org. to get involved financially, hands on, or both. Volunteers are NEVER the same after going once. Some have gone every year since 1995. They see the difference they make, not because of the presents, but because the children see, firsthand, how many people care about them, when many feel close to giving up hope during this time of year. You WILL make a difference whether you volunteer your time, your money or both.

Please be aware we will handle volunteers on a case-by-case basis, so please contact Marty if you are interested in volunteering.

Cost breakdown (estimates):

  • Bus Transportation $800-900 per bus
  • Bibles for each child $20 each
  • Shopping Amount $125 per child
  • Goodies for each child $20.
  • Gift bags for each child $4. each
  • Gift cards $100. per family
  • Gift Wrapping and tape per child $14 Presents for children to their parents: $40 per family.

Be sure if you volunteer you prepare your hearts…you will love these children and experience something you cannot otherwise by just dropping off presents for children or donating food for a food pantry. (Both of which are still very important) But these children will touch your heart.
Register at SaveAChristmas.com.